at the table

tostadas :: lots of them. a simple picture at Buttons Magee a few weeks back made me realize that yes, tostadas are a brilliant way to break out of the pbj lunch rut.  omar’s love of anything made with a crunchy tortilla is so strong that i think our marriage has hit some new level over the past few weeks considering how many times i’ve served them. really, what’s not to love?  you can put just about anything on them. and then as tostada-fate would have it, we were served them for one of our vacation breakfasts piled with beans and poached eggs and mango salsa. so good.

conversation :: elisha could easily be assigned the award for mealtime conversation starter.  at lunch on sunday we ate with some visitors who have been looking for a new church home.  “so, do you like our church the best?” he asks.  awesome.  later someone asked elisha what sports he likes.  “oh, i just don’t have any time for sports.  i have SO MANY chores i have to do.”  ha!  i have no idea where that boy gets such things. i’m not really sure how much dishwasher emptying and table clearing get in the way of his playtime but evidently a lot in his mind.  just wait until he sees what i have in store for him with our fall time chore chart.  and these were only the two conversations i witnessed or heard about.  who knows what was discussed while omar and i weren’t around.

coffee :: recent rainy day nap times have been spent at the table with cups of coffee reading and thinking and writing about what it is i really want this coming school year to look like.  the thoughts have less to do with which books to use or what methods to follow but more with what i want our days to look like and how i want to see my kids and myself grow and stretch ourselves.


2 thoughts on “at the table

  1. Sounds good. We are in the pb&j rut, for sure. I am so eager to start school for the very same reasons you mention: it has nothing to do with the books, and everything to do with the time and relationships. I look forward to the time set aside to enjoy and teach the kids, with no other work pleading for those moments.
    Love the chore comments!

  2. Kate–love this stuff! Esp. Elisha’s conversational tidbits. Reminds me of his grandpa whom I took with me (alone) into Tokyo from Okinawa, on a ‘space available’ ship to visit friends at Johnson AFB. Elaine, our accomodating hostess, was making food for a hopital guild thing and Bobby-age 5, stood in the kitchen with his hands on his hips and said,”With all this cooking going on around here, when are we going to get some dinner?” Orig. when I had asked her if it would be alright if I brought him with me to visit, I had said,”He’s really a good little kid–won’t cause any problem, and is so quiet you won’t know he’s around.” Well. She reminded me a few times of that statement, even in her letters later. Mimi

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