and we’re back.  and boy do we know how to live it up on vacation.  i read 2.5 books (omar treated me to The Hunger Games Trilogy for our kindle. who knew i’d get so attached to a young adult series?), we ate out only twice, and we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1 so we could head to the theater for Pt.2.  vacation complete.

to me, though, it was thrilling.  i bet omar thought that every time i opened my mouth while we were sitting in glorious utter silence while reading i would again say, “i love this!”  i did.

one day we did break up the eat-movie-read routine to check out the Edison & Ford Winter Estates where i became inspired to find some vintage florida maps to hang on our walls.  other than that there was simply lots of quiet.

the kids were excited to see us.  elisha gives a great welcoming hug and kiss but that boy thinks it’s thrilling to stay at other people’s houses, so he’d be fine if we’d been gone a month.  asher says his favorite thing about his time away from us was waiting for me to come home (cute).  lenna just held onto me like a little monkey and buried her face in my shoulder for awhile after i picked her up.  they had quite the vacation themselves with ice cream morning snacks, park visits (i swear off parks in the dead of summer), and cookie making with grandma.


3 thoughts on “home

  1. I read the first Hunger Games book, and am on to the second. I agree! Utterly engrossing. Finally some fiction I can get into. 🙂
    Glad you had a relaxing vacation.

  2. so awesome that you guys got away for a few days. so…where did you end up staying? i can’t wait to hear all about it. would love to get together with you and the kids sometime soon. how does your end of august/beginning of september look? let’s make a plan. we’d be happy to come up your way this time. love ya!

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