summer drinks

a week or so ago i poured some juice into our popsicle mold.  i then forgot to add the sticks and ended up with 10 rather large peach lemonade ice cubes.  on sunday afternoon the boys were involved in an epic toy pick-up drama, lenna was chasing us around with a fever and teething gums, and the heat seemed to penetrate our walls making me fear our a/c would give up.  and it was our anniversary.  so the peach lemonade ice cubes became peach lemonade slushies.  with a hit of celebratory vodka.

i’m also drinking my fair share of cold brewed coffee.  here is my recipe of choice, and their suggestion of sweetened condensed milk and a bit of cardamom has won my no-sugar-in-my-coffee heart over.

tonight i found myself in that awkward in-between time.  omar was out at a meeting.  lenna was in bed.  the boys were beyond tired but it wasn’t quite late enough for me to put them to bed.  so i did what i had to do.  i plopped them on the sofa and let them watch a movie while i opened the refrigerator door so it would block them from seeing me open the freezer door and grab the last of the ice cream.  i then holed up on my bed and lazily read for a bit sort of forgetting about the ice cream thus leading me to have to drink the melted remains.  and there you have summer drink #3.

5 thoughts on “summer drinks

  1. hey– you know we are really good friends with the clive guy? you would like him a lot. 🙂 and not just because of the cold coffee.
    we are having a popsicle bonanza, in spite of our 70-degree summer. mostly of the ice-cream sort, but I’m thinking a bottle of vodka might be nice to have around in a week or two…. we’ll see.

    1. actually i remember you mentioning “clive coffee” on the phone so i clicked on over to their site when i was looking for something coffee-related. and then i found their cold brewed proportions. so thank you, friend!

      and i don’t think lucie would mind a little bit of a vodka slushie right now…

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