mid july kitchen

on many levels biscotti are the perfect cookies.  they’re not too sweet.  they go well with hot or iced coffee.  they can be flavored with just about anything you’ve got hanging out in your spice cabinet or pantry.  the boys also like them, and i like that they like them because they’re so crunchy it takes them awhile to whittle one down.  so does that also make them economical?  i finally found the recipe that works for me.  it’s a butter-less version from The New Best Recipe.

a few years ago i read amanda hesser’s Cooking For Mr. Latte and made her almond cake.  then i promptly forgot about it until it popped up on Orangette a couple of months ago.  if you are a fan of all things almond, you’ll love it.  i love anything that calls for a whole tube of almond paste.

popsicles are beloved around here.  i grab whatever juice (pineapple coconut and mango lemonade have been the winners so far this summer) is on sale and pour it into the mold and everyone is happy.

the summer sale section in Williams-Sonoma is a dangerous place.  i went in to pick up something specific and rather boring and walked out with this.  at 50% off it was like they were (almost) giving it away.

oh, marie callender.  when the evening is getting late and we’re expecting a bunch of college students and the kids are running around just a bit too energetically and the morning at the children’s museum is still taking its toll on this mama, your pies are awesome.  awesome in all their perfectly crimped crust, trans-fat filled, razzleberry glory.

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