i voted.

i made the strangest breakfast.  it should have been relatively simple – a skillet pancake with peaches and berries.  food&wine calls it kaiserschmarrn with peaches.  you pour a batter into a hot skillet, cover, and cook until set.  then you flip it, cook it a bit more, break up the pancake into pieces with a spatula and there you go.  mine didn’t flip so pretty or look so pretty at the end once it was all cut up/mushed up.  i’ll bet you food&wine realized it was a bust but it was too close to printing so they just went ahead and made the cutting it up part a part of the recipe and then gave it a german name to distract us (whew).  it did taste pretty good, though, and tonight before bed elisha asked for “that special pancake” for breakfast tomorrow.

i came to the realization that PInterest totally overwhelms me.

a couple of people called lenna a boy.  they were both truly mortified when i corrected them.

i sat down with graph paper and gardening books to continue to help omar plot out our garden.  there will be no zucchini and no radishes.  we were in agreement on that.  there will be beets and bok choy and perhaps a small section for a cutting garden??

it became obvious that we need to get the ball rolling with some school.  like next week.  the heat plus the rain has kept us indoors more than i thought it would.  i think the boys have a bet going between them to see who can hit mama “accidentally” the most with flying bouncing balls.  i think i’ll declare our winters down here “summer vacation” and leave the schooling for crazy hot months. elisha also told me he was having trouble with his numbers and needed “to work on that” (cute).  so we will.

i finished Austenland.  what i thought would be a light and quick summer read recommended by someone who loves austen turned out to be quite the eye-rolling experience (if the book had the same cover as the one i linked to i might have walked away then and there).  i’m not cut out for chick lit.  i only want to see the word scrumptious used when it’s involving food, and even then it’s not my favorite. that genre is fascinating, though.


2 thoughts on “today

  1. Oh man, I’ve had Kaiserschmarrn a few times in Austria/Germany, and it was AMAZINGLY delicious. I daydream about it still. I tried making it at home once (from a recipe in an Austrian cookbook), and it was completely lackluster.

  2. i don’t imagine people will be calling her a boy for too long, with her curls coming in and those long lashes…. we are well into our third year with v, and we get girl comments regularly! our fault? perhaps a little…. 🙂 but his clothes? his walk? the way he shoots at everything with his fingers? definitely a boy.

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