pine mouth

this is one of those things that is downright bizarre.

on monday i made pesto.  basil, salt, garlic, olive oil, parmesan and pine nuts.  simple. tuesday morning i wake up and pour a cup of coffee.  and i promptly spit it out.  omar said it tasted fine. i told him it seemed like i forgot to rinse the soap out of the mug or the french press.

but then everything starts tasting like a bar of soap.

and then i remember hearing about pine mouth.  the FDA describes it as such:

In the past year FDA has received a number of consumer complaints regarding a bitter metallic taste associated with pine nuts. This taste, known as “pine mouth,” typically begins 12 to 48 hours after consuming pine nuts, and lasts on average between a few days and two weeks. It is exacerbated by consumption of any other food during this period and significantly decreases appetite and enjoyment of food. The symptoms decrease over time with no apparent adverse clinical side effects.

two weeks?!  say it isn’t so.  i’m on day three of this and it’s not dying out yet.  pinus armandii is believed to be the varietal culprit.  it’s native to china, so steer clear.  they’re cheaper (of course they are) so that is the variety most common.  but if you need to make some pesto, splurge on the european variety (they’re long and skinny as opposed to short and squatty).


10 thoughts on “pine mouth

  1. aw, sorry to hear! hope you get your taste buds back soon. thanks for the warning too… i was just thinking of making pesto sometime.

  2. I’m wondering why you are suffering and the rest of your fam isn’t. Didn’t they eat the pesto, too? Aren’t we supposed to share in each other’s sufferings? 😉

    1. of course i’m the only one “suffering” from this. it kind of goes like that in this family. i don’t know the last time omar even had the sniffles or a headache. sigh.

  3. That is interesting yet bizarre!! Can’t wait to tell Micah,he loves these little tidbits of info!! Hope it vacates your taste buds quickly!!

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