i made her coq au vin

last night lenna and i made coq au vin and watched Pride and Prejudice.  just the two of us.  she chased me around looking for carrot peels on the floor to munch on and got to hear me voice my doubts about the barefoot contessa’s coq au vin recipe. ina let us down.  perhaps i wouldn’t have thought anything of it had i not slaved over The New Best Recipe‘s version (the Cook’s Illustrated folks) a few months back.  there’s was that good.  so good that it justified the many steps and boilings and strainings.

after dinner i turned on the movie but ended up just watching her for the half hour or so before her bedtime.  i noticed many of things she can do now (give kisses, try to put clothes on, shove her feet into our shoes, pretend to snap her fingers) and realized she’s probably been doing them for awhile but i’m often too distracted to notice all of it.  that distraction comes in the form of two older brothers that i’m so thankful she has, but it’s been fun to just be one-on-one with one of them the past couple of days.

right before omar and the boys left, i read several paragraphs in books, lines in articles, and verses in scripture that all seemed to push me and encourage me in my mothering (i should probably just say living).  the quiet of the last few days has given me time to think through what i read and pray over how to apply it.  i wouldn’t say that anything i read was new or like a lightening bolt breakthrough, just more words on striving to be gentle with the kids, not giving them so many commands and requirements that it leads them to be exasperated when they can’t possibly keep up with it all, and wanting them to see in me a faith and a relationship with God that i love, not just feel obligated to follow.

the boys will all be back soon.  they’ve been missed.


4 thoughts on “i made her coq au vin

  1. It’s so nice to have those quiet days to reflect (and watch Pride and Prejudice!) We have that same shirt (and pants) for our foster daughter! So cute.

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