again with the (awesome) neighbors

my neighbors don’t bring us cookies or other baked goods.  they bring us easter egg hunts and birthday gifts and today, puppies.  for an hour or so we all petted and kissed and scratched and loved on a 5 week old siberian husky.  a husky with bright blue eyes and a floppy ear and what i am sure is still sweet puppy breath but am not positive because i wouldn’t get that close for fear my boys’ constant dog begging, my neighbor’s offer of one of the pups for free, the fact that i don’t have a little baby anymore, and the puppy breath would all whirl up together in some insane impulse decision making.  so no dog…for the moment.

and last night talk of puppies and kids and xeriscaping (i’m becoming obsessed with figuring this out for our yard), turned to the history of the home we live in.  the truth came out that in the 15 or so years our neighbors have lived next door, there have been four (4!) deaths in our home.  four deaths that were accompanied with some pretty interesting stories.  oh my.  it’s a good thing omar and i aren’t freaked out about such things, but still, four?

our conversation last night concluded with talks of the beach.  i’m usually an afternoon/evening beach-goer, but tomorrow we’ll hit the beach early because who turns down their neighbor’s and teenage son’s offer of helping me out at the beach with the little people for the morning?


3 thoughts on “again with the (awesome) neighbors

  1. what in the world…four?!?! oh, you know I wanna hear the stories.
    I read this out loud to Ande and he started with “tell them what to do if they see spirits” jokes. I won’t post them, but they’re pretty funny. 🙂

    your sweet kiddo pics at the beach made me smile.

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