vacation eats :: near and far

near :: street carts and food trucks are near the top of my list for wanting to live in either portland or new york. fortunately for us, Curbside Gourmet recently opened. we’ve been trying to extend the vacation spirit the past few days since we’ve been home. exhaustion (thus a grocery-less first few days) and a relatively food-free home (and termite free, woo hoo!) have resulted in some eating out. so it was fortunate that the truck was parked just up the street from us. on the menu: watermelon and shrimp ceviche, grass-fed burger for the kiddos, fries, and mahi tacos. we’ll be sure to head back when lenna’s outfit coordinates again.

far :: wilmington, n.c. is a favorite city of ours. Circa 1922 always ranks up there with our favorites but this time we tried out Crow Hill, a restaurant that sources its food locally. i had a great pork, grits, jalapeno jelly combo and an amazing rhubarb buttermilk panna cotta. we’ve been tempted to try our hand at pickling and their little jars of pickled veggies made us want to do more than just talk about it.

omar is a devoted Roadfood fan and can tell me in an almost all-knowing manner whether or not a particular city or town has a jane and michael stern approved bbq restaurant. wouldn’t you know that wilmington does (Flip’s) and it happens to be just down the street from our friends. omar and i loved the fried mac-n-cheese and the kids loved the stuffed (almost mangy looking) bear that decorated the place.

i’d read about Johnny Harris in several savannah food guides. the food ended up being quite the disappointment but the waitress, the decor (1950s ballroom), and reading the menu (tomato aspic anyone?) were worth it.


2 thoughts on “vacation eats :: near and far

  1. I’ve been wanting to make pickles lately too. The book “Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it” is on my library short list.

    I’m with Kelly…let’s hear death stories. 🙂

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