where we’ve been

to st. augustine, florida where we stayed for the night on our way north.  the kiddos got to love on my aunt and uncle and cousin and great grandparents. their dog got to be loved on by my boys.  and my grandma seemed to know that dragon toys and legos would make the long drive more fun.

to wilmington, north carolina where we rested and played and ate and spent time with the dearest of friends.  we visited gardens and rode ferries and talked and ate delicious food, and it was all just about perfect.

to jacksonville, north carolina where we got to see and visit with more dear friends.  omar performed the wedding of a friend we’ve known for years and it was beautiful.  and again, more yummy food seemed to be at the center of a lot of it.

to savannah, georgia where we rested on the drive home.  the boys love bridges. love.  they love them so much that it has become an ortiz boy tradition to break into joyful song when crossing it.  they belted out “christ the lord is risen today” the entire way over the bridge into savannah and omar and i laughed the entire way over.  (on a jacksonville, fl bridge we were treated to “hark the herald angels sing”)  we had never been to savannah, and it was beautiful – the river, the squares, the old homes.

to home where we are now suffering from the unfortunate vacation exhaustion that leads one to want another vacation.


6 thoughts on “where we’ve been

  1. Thank you guys SO MUCH for your willingness to come over-even if our visit over burnt chicken was WAY too short!!:) You guys are doing such a great job with your precious kiddos! I love the pic of Helen and Lenna- so precious:)

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