my favorite parts of the termite tenting checklist:

1.  all living plants must be removed from the building.  my succulents must have received the memo and chose to protest this whole business by dying seemingly overnight.

2.  all cabinets, drawers, and closets must be opened a minimum of 4 inches.  too bad termites don’t suffer from even mild o.c.d. because my word, just the thought of all our closet and cabinet doors open for any length of time would make me flee the premises, no gassing needed.

3.  baby crib mattresses and soft plastic baby toys must be removed.  while some might consider our lack of a traditional baby crib mattress (off-gassing issues) and soft plastic baby toys (bpa issues) a bit over the top, i am now of the opinion that everyone should follow suit even if solely for the possibility that one day in the future you might have to tent your house – no soft plastic baby toys to search high and low for and no mattress to remove (there are no vents in our mattress).  truth be told, though, we’ll probably take the mattress out.  i don’t feel like writing out a long note on the qualities of alternative baby mattresses for the bug guys.

4.  if you are concerned about theft, we recommend you obtain a watch man or guard during the fumigation and aeration period (three days).  hmm…i have absolutely no idea how much a guard would cost us but unfortunately “watch man” didn’t make it into the budget this month.

there you have it.  until this morning i thought everyone was handling the upheaval quite well, but then asher started losing it on us.  he’s the one that doesn’t handle the anticipation of change or life disruption very well.  in the moment of change he’s great but even talking about change gets that boy wound up.  this morning you would have found him sniffling and walking around the house letting us all know that he doesn’t like tents and he doesn’t like gas and he doesn’t want to take all of our food to grandma’s.  me too, kid.


One thought on “checklist

  1. Oh man. I’m so sorry, Kate. We just had our garage treated for live termites this week. No fun!

    True story: The termite inspector was telling me that they usually find about 10 dead people a year in tented homes during termite treatments b/c thieves think they are sneaky breaking in and the odorless gas takes them out before they know what hit them. Crazy, huh?

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