he’s five (and you might want to borrow our neighbors again)

two birthday parties and mother’s day in the span of three days almost did me in.  true story: during elisha’s party omar and i got out next year’s calendar to plan the party days a little better.

i like to joke that when elisha is able to write, he’ll ask for a planner.  he loves to know schedules and what we’re doing next and what’s for breakfast tomorrow and what we plan on doing for his sixth birthday.  he tried to negotiate the events of his birthday on sunday but i tried to keep him in a little suspense.

at five he’s into all things legos and dragons.  his first real lego set has resulted in hours (and it’s only two days later) of quiet playing and hours of sharing struggles on asher’s part.  poor guy.  the boys’ dragon love was spurred on by the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  on the whole, it’s a sweet movie and the boys were sad, really sad, that we had to take it back to the library.  the boys cornered our neighbors a few weeks back and talked and talked to them about the movie.  guess who stopped by and dropped off a certain movie present for elisha?  that’s right, the most amazing neighbors ever.  see below for the present opening reactions.

happy birthday, buddy.


5 thoughts on “he’s five (and you might want to borrow our neighbors again)

  1. They’re so cute. I wish you were my neighbor! Also, I feel your pain with the whole two birthdays and mother’s day. Adam’s birthday was yesterday and we did nothing birthday related (at least we did better for Lily’s bday). Again, I’m hungry for normal. Tell Elisha happy birthday!

  2. so cute! scratch that. BEYOND cute!!! love that boy. and, yes, please put me on the ‘i want to borrow your neighbors’ wait list!

  3. We have the same thing going on here, we have Valentines day, our anniversary a few weeks later, Evan’s birthday, MIL birthday, Noah Birthday and Mother’s day….

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