the things i remember from a year ago tonight

staying home for almost the entire birth process was a brilliant plan based mainly on my fear of getting an iv put in and then having to deal with it while in labor.

Gilmore Girls season five can get a girl through the first 4 hours of labor.  by this point in the series it starts getting a bit soap opera-y for my taste so i didn’t feel like i was missing anything when zoning out from time to time.

Iron and Wine can get you through the final two hours of labor.

a peaceful delivery room.  they left us alone for most of the two hours we were in there.  i am definitely in the “please leave me alone don’t talk to me” category when in labor so it was a nice surprise.

having a baby sunny-side up does not an easy labor make.

the nurse repeatedly calling me by the wrong name during the delivery makes a certain husband a bit peeved.

wondering what was for breakfast.

being beyond excited to meet this girl.


7 thoughts on “the things i remember from a year ago tonight

  1. the wrong name?!? oh, I’d be so mad. like “are you going to make a medical error because you keep calling me the wrong name?” mad.

    laughing at the gilmore girls bit. 🙂

    1. oh yes, i was a bit ticked, too. i kept thinking, “seriously?! could my name possibly be plastered on anything more in this room??” charts, bracelets (why so many?), computer screens, etc.

  2. Oh my, Brice was sunnyside up, as well. And my epidural didn’t work! I pushed for 2.5 hours, cried, had Seth crying, and blacked out during the last push. The joys of childbirth!!
    Happy birthday Lenna!!!

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