what does one do with jalapenos this big?

make bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos.

i knew what omar was up to when he grabbed the jalapeno plant with the “mammoth variety” tag on it.  tomatoes may shrivel and die in our garden and our mint plants may decide to buck their reputation for spreading like weeds and give us only about 15 leaves per season, but we totally make up for it in the pepper department.

at one point last season we had about 15 smaller jalapenos ready to be picked.  we joked about jalapeno poppers but never got around to it.  but this season the huge peppers and omar did not disappoint.  he mixed up a batch of cream cheese, cheddar, garlic, and basil, and then stuffed, wrapped, and grilled them.  seriously good.  seriously hot.  one particular pepper kicked my tail and i ended up in the kitchen hugging a carton of milk and chugging a good portion of it.

(the recipe is based on this one here, but omar left out the sun-dried tomatoes and added some cheddar.  happy stuffing.)


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