you should borrow our neighbors

the doorbell rang at 7:30 yesterday morning.  our teenage neighbor boys informed us that the easter bunny was seen passing by, and as we looked out into the yard we noticed that yes, eggs were in the yard and baskets and other goodies were waiting for little kiddos.  um, seriously??  have you ever met any cool teenage boys who decided to go out and treat their adoring fans (my boys) to an easter egg hunt?!

as we went to get the boys up i didn’t know if i should laugh or cry or both.  i think i might even be a little teary writing this.

life has seemed very fast the past month.  with easter falling so late it felt like three birthdays and easter were all just thrown together and i’ve had a hard time sorting out how to wisely celebrate each.  there were big plans of making a play dough tomb with stone and stick figures on friday (an idea from noel piper’s Treasuring God in Our Traditions) and then telling the story throughout the weekend and building up anticipation of christ’s resurrection.  well, the play dough never got made and the tomb/mountain never got baked, but i did find some of the boys’ old play dough and on saturday we told the story again and shaped a tomb that turned out on the more psychedelic end of the color spectrum than i would have preferred, due to their mixing of all the play dough colors, but they thought the whole thing was neat.  on sunday morning after racing around the yard they ran into the house for cinnamon rolls and asher ran to the “tomb” and asked why jesus wasn’t out.  i quickly fixed the situation, asher asked when jesus would be stopping by, and i realized the boys definitely don’t realize when things don’t go as i planned them.  they go with the flow and celebrate and ask great and hilarious questions and love any excuse to eat a lot and have a party.  happy easter!


5 thoughts on “you should borrow our neighbors

  1. Oooo! I want your neighbors! That’s totally awesome. I’m so glad that happened for your family!

    We’re having an egg hunt after dinner tonight. Because that’s the way I’m rolling with it this year…

  2. Wow, amazing neighbors! Hope my boys can think about others like that when they are teenagers. Thanks for sharing… made me want to cry too!

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