nighttime in these parts

recently i’ve noticed that if i look at the clock at night and it is somewhere in the 8:50s, i can convince myself that it really isn’t that early and by the time i actually got into bed it would be at least, oh, 9:15ish and that is a perfectly acceptable time to go to bed. nothing embarrassing about 9:15 but 8:50? no way.

i marvel that i used to be able to stay up and study for hours each night. or go to movies that start at 9:15 or later. or go to dinner at 9.

but today i realized that in a couple of months i hope to be starting up a distance course that might turn into a degree program in the near future and that means nights of studying again.

so perhaps there needs to be a line item in the budget for “late night living training.” a few dinners out where any trace of an early bird has long gone home. some concerts? late night movies? perhaps we’ll even hit the back-to-back showing of the last Harry Potter movie when it comes out in a few months.

or we could just keep it cheap and set the timer for gradually increasing time increments while omar and i study at the kitchen table and relive the grad school dating years. don’t ever say we don’t know thrill and romance over here.


2 thoughts on “nighttime in these parts

  1. We should start a club called the Early to Bed club. You can be president and I’ll be vice prez. I like the idea of seeing Harry Potter back to back this summer. Maybe, if Adam and get all hopped up on coffee beforehand, we can do that too!

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