from cabbage to coffee

the cabbage crisis is slowly resolving itself.  (thanks for all the emails and comments.  like alina said, it was like an excellent public service announcement for those drowning in cabbage.)  i heard my neighbors make a few passing remarks about liking to cook, so yesterday when i was staring at 4(!) heads of cabbage i figured the good and neighborly thing to do would be to give them some. 1 cabbage to the neighbors, 1 cabbage turned into blanched leaves and served with roasted apples at last night’s dinner, 2 cabbages in the waiting for jax and abbie’s recipes kindly left in the comments, and rumors from the farm that the cabbages are done for the season = no more cabbage anxiety.

there has been a lot of talk recently among friends and family at home and church about all of our possessions.  over the past couple of days i have been feeling that a wave is going to hit me soon where i become ruthless about giving away things that we don’t use, cabbage or otherwise.  in times past i would look at something and realize i don’t use it but tell myself i will surely need it someday soon.  like the broken blender.  or the box of jewelry from middle school.  or all the chairs we’ve somehow collected. or the clothes that haven’t been worn since college.  or the multiple coffee makers we have.

someone handy could probably fix the blender.  i know some girls who might love the jewelry. chairs can always find another home, and the clothes could be used by others. but i waver when it comes to the coffee makers.  in order to justify keeping them and to convince myself that i do indeed need these things, i’ve been making a couple of cups a day and rotating the brewers.

la pavoni europiccola.  this one is a hand-me-down from my parents.  they bought it when we lived in italy, and i took possession of it in college.  poor omar was convinced it was just a showpiece as it wasn’t until this past sunday, 9 years after we first met, that i made espresso with it.  the first shot it pulls is great.  after that…well, it sure is pretty to look at.

the bialetti brikka is quick and easy and pretty on the stovetop.  the bialetti mukka is a bit of a sham but omar doesn’t mind that it doesn’t heat the milk to super hot so it will probably stay.

wouldn’t you know, though, that all this coffee making has actually made me want to add to this collection??  i think we need this vacuum brewer.  or a chemex?


8 thoughts on “from cabbage to coffee

  1. As someone who is about to do the great pre-move purge, I’m surprised at how much I’m willing to part with. We have junk we moved with us from New York that we’ve never used or looked at. Time to be, as you say, ruthless and then have a rockin’ yard/moving sale.

    1. agh, i hate doing that – moving random boxes of junk from house to house. i’m guilty of it all too often. i even found a tupperware of random “fancy soaps” that people have given to me. weird!

  2. oh man, Katie. I feel like we’re drowning in possessions here, too. At least once a week I talk about giving away half of our stuff. But my husband always protests….I think he may have a bit of hoarder in his blood, and he (lovingly, I’m sure) calls me “the anti-hoarder”. 🙂

  3. I’m with you. If only I could find the time to purge my possessions, I’m sure the things that I do keep would be so much easier to take care of. Sigh. Today I’m purging old glasses and bowls that I don’t like anymore from the kitchen cupboards. It’s a step!

    1. i used to be able to tackle a whole room (or at least a whole closet) in an afternoon and now i realize that is just impossible with three little people. i think i could do cupboards, though…

  4. Just to add one more coffee idea to the mix — you probably need an Aeropress, too. Haven’t cast another glance at the Bialetti since we got one.

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