april eleven’s eleven

1  i haven’t really been drawn into the whole ipad world but if i keep coming across cool ipad covers like this wood one i might just cave and claim that our family “needs” one.

2  there are three cabbages in our fridge.  three.  what does one do with three cabbages?? (you get no points if you recommend coleslaw.)

3  as you can see, elisha got a haircut.  it still pains me a bit to plunk down money for a kid’s haircut, but if they all continue to be as good as the last two, i’ll suffer the cost.

beet pesto was a winner.  there was a teensy bit of drama when the boys saw it whirring away in the food processor.  but the fact that it was pink and had “pesto” in the name won them over.

5  omar’s single-yolk version of michael’s genuine double yolk egg with tomato and asiago cheese was noteworthy.  i kind of pulled an “elisha and asher” when i waltzed into the kitchen this morning, scrunched up my nose at seeing the tomato and egg and cream swirling around together, and told him i didn’t think i’d like it.  but one bite made me a believer.

6  summer may officially descend upon us.  the pool is open and ready to tire out the little people.

7  my boys are learning to write their names, and the other day while they were “writing” this turned into a discussion about any future kiddos’ names.  top contenders for boys:  jake the dog and cowboy.

8  speaking of writing, the academic goal for next year is to get the boys reading.  i figure that’s ambitious enough for kindergarten.

9  i am knittng (!) a dress (!) for lenna, and the teeny tiny yarn feels like i’m knitting with thread.  in a hand-cramping, eye-blurring kind of way.  it better be cute.

10  i have managed to go 31 years without having a clue as to what Wuthering Heights is about.  i will go another 31 years of not knowing anything if i only read it at night and doze off after the same 3 or so paragraphs.

11  our tradition of egg coloring and chocolate eating and spring celebrating on the first day of spring didn’t happen this year.  as long as i get around to the boy-loved activities during spring i won’t feel too bad.


12 thoughts on “april eleven’s eleven

  1. I know you said no coleslaw, so I’m not expecting any points for this suggestion: Alice Waters’ Coleslaw. If you haven’t already tried it, do — it has a really simple lime + vinegar dressing (not creamy) and if you slice everything with a mandoline slicer, the whole salad is really light + fresh. I make it almost weekly during the summer.
    (And I’m definitely going to try that egg recipe.)

    1. ok. you used lime, vinegar, and alice waters in your description. you get many points 😉 it will be tried tonight.

      yes, go for the eggs. omar used parmesan as a substitute and it was so good.

  2. OK, a few items:
    1. We are having the exact same iPad debate, also mostly driven by cool covers and our inordinate amount of iPhone reading in bed, etc… we absoLUTEly do not need one, but we seem to *seriously* discuss it about once every 2 months.

    2. You must try orangette’s spicy cabbage stirfry. basically, you whack up your cabbage into long skinny strips, fry in a hot wok until green/limp/almost carmelizing, add a glug of soy sauce and a spoonful of pepper paste (we like sambal oelek, but sriracha would work just fine), and then dump generously onto rice with a fried egg ontop. voila, hot vegetarian dinner (or lunch.) takes 5 minutes (plus rice cooking time, I guess) and burns through the cabbage beautifully. and has the bonus of not being coleslaw but still surviving overnight in the fridge and working well on the side of breakfast or something in the morning. if we still lived in the same neighborhood, we would have cooked this for you a half a dozen times by now. alas. (sniffle sniffle)

    3. I’m jealous of your pool. turns out that Cora loves the water. perhaps we will come visit.

    4. that dress is adorable. you are clearly a better girl-mama than I am. I have had the same hot pink hat on my needles for the last 8 months… so ridiculous.

    5. I almost called you yesterday to ask what your easter traditions look like, as we are fond of egg dying (i.e. I am fond of egg dying, jeff being completely ambivalent to crafting of any kind) but also fond of real reasons for holidays, and so on. Nice idea to make it a “spring celebration.” Further thoughts would be appreciated. I’ve already got a soft, adorable stuffed bunny stashed away for easter, but maybe we’ll celebrate the saturday before and then let Easter sunday be entirely what it is supposed to be.

    6. Cora is sitting on my lap as I type this, swiping sips from my coffee cup and pronouncing things like, “It is so good, mama” and “I sure love coffee.” Which makes me miss you even more.

    ok, enough, sorry for such a long response. will call soon.

    1. loved all this. go buy an ipad and some great covers and i’ll live vicariously through you. is there a reason for the preference of sambal oelek?? tell cora to come visit and i’ll share my pool AND my coffee with her (and tell her to keep her eye out for a coffee related post that will make you want to add one more thing to your “need” list). my hand cramping might result in the dress staying on the needles for 8 months. yes, call and we’ll chat holidays and such.

      1. I vote that we buy an i-pad and some cool covers and the Nelsons can live vicariously through us. Or, better yet, we both buy one and skype!

  3. I’m a big fan of stuffed cabbage–Jewish style with sweet tomato sauce. Skip the raisins though. Cute dress for Lenna. If we lived closer, I’d stop by and knit several rows for you. 🙂

  4. I have the MOST ginormous cabbage in my fridge as I type this (seriously…think over-sized basketball. Honest.) I have also yet to come up with a good use for it other than coleslaw. But I’m loving the responses to this post! This has kind of been like a public service announcement for those drowning in fresh cabbage. 🙂

    I wondered if you guys got around to your “first day of spring” celebration this year. I had hoped to try it…will settle for any day in spring as well. 🙂

  5. I was going to suggest cabbage rolls or spring rolls; I don’t eat cole slaw, so you won’t find that as a suggestion from me!

    As for the dress: I love it! I’d be able to knit one for Bee. 😀

  6. I am late to the commenting, but I have to say: can’t wait to try out the aforementioned coleslaw recipe. And also: I have tried to read Wuthering Heights at least 4 times. Just can’t.get.through.it. May you have better luck/perseverance than I.

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