what rhymes with pneumonia?

all i’ve come up with is ammonia.

pneumonia has taken up residence in this little boy’s body and has kept him pretty much out of all the action around here.  he’s been known to sit for exceedingly long stretches of time on the edge of the picnic basket.  or fall asleep on the wood floor.  sad times.

but the true test of his sickness came when we realized he just held most of his cookie during our farmer’s market visit on saturday and turned down doughnuts and a walk along the waterfront.

the rest of us are going stir crazy and this has led to crazy things like knitting french press cozies, and when i couldn’t take yet another episode of Curious George or explain yet again the specifics of the White Christmas dialogue (yes, i indulged them), i left the boys and mindlessly knit away while watching/listening to the following:

  • farmer joel salatin describe what he does as healing the land
  • patricia ryan on whether or not the world’s emphasis on the use of the english language is preventing the spread of great ideas in other languages
  • a sermon by tim keller on hospitality
  • carolyn steel on ancient food routes and the state of modern food production
  • susan wise bauer’s peace hill press youtube site and letting elisha watch the video where susan explains why they always have a two hour quiet time in their house in the afternoon.  he got distracted by the dog and now thinks he needs to have a dog for a proper quiet time.

7 thoughts on “what rhymes with pneumonia?

  1. poor little sweetie. he reminds me so much of my Owen, esp. in this picture from behind.
    saying a prayer for him tonight…and hugs to you bc that sounds hard on his mommy, too!!

  2. Look at that boy’s hair! So sorry you’re still dragging through this sickness. I hope he gets back to his old self and you guys can go back to not watching so much TV. It rots your brain. 😉
    PS. I hope you got my email!

  3. begonia, Patagonia, Macedonia…….

    just so happens we are doing poetry this week and had a rhyming dictionary on the table! the other rhymes were pushing it….. 🙂

    glad he’d doing better

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