the days of the sick

the kids and i are under the weather. 2 am wake up calls and asher’s pitiful, endless hacking have resulted in some extra movie time. elisha informed me that we can’t keep watching movies because “it won’t be a good treat!” i asked him if we should turn it off. “oh, no! i was just saying!” right on.

if there is an upside to sick kids it is that there seems to be a bit more mellow atmosphere, and asher is more capable of summoning his inside voice and suppressing his usual shout-talk.

and their antics are more low-key, too. no jumping off tables and chairs. no, they’ve figured out how to make the salad spinner whirl around by pushing it down with their…um…backsides.

lenna’s telltale sign of being sick is her lack of movement.  no racing to launch herself off the backdoor step.  no escaping to her brothers’ toy-filled bedroom.  she just sits.


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