it’s like a tradition

it is usually on a sunday morning as everyone is heading out the door that i realize the kids look picture-worthy and try to take a few pictures.  and in 4+ years of these scenarios typically ending up in tears and drama you would think i’d give up.  not so much.  the kids were on the front step sunday morning and with perfect timing the drama began to unfold. i was wishing i had a box of munchkins to bribe them with, and i started to remember a certain tearful front step sunday morning photo series from a couple of years ago.  after going back and finding the pictures, i thought a little photo re-post was in order.


5 thoughts on “it’s like a tradition

  1. Do you think it’s their frightful Sunday School teacher they are worried about? these photos capture the essence of their feelings; great photography.

  2. Too funny! Your boy on the left (sorry, I don’t know names) looks totally steamed! But I can completely relate. I have very few “Three Little Darlings” pictures (as I like to call them) where all 3 kids are smiling. Invariably, one is mad, or pouting or refuses to smile or even participate! 🙂
    Love your photography by the way! You have a real talent.

  3. Great picture!! I can’t tell you how many Sunday mornings have ended with me barking at the kids to sit on the front steps…..while all the while incurring savage looks from Nat and tears from Noey!! Love this!! Gotta take pic ops when you can!!

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