pianos, jane, education, beets and more!

we got a piano last week and the boys and i are thrilled.  i sit down to play and the boys grab the nearest guitar or mandolin or make-shift instrument and sing along.  yesterday lenna got a snack time singalong.  the piano’s arrival has renewed their interest in all instruments.  we’re liking the books Meet the Orchestra and Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin and the boys will get a kick out of the New York Philharmonic Kidzone when i show it to them.

thanks to sharon i now know all about slow cooker tagines (hilarious) and sandwich photo blogs (guy who takes a photo of his daily sandwich).  now go sign up for Tasting Table so you, too, can get this amazing stuff sent to your inbox.

how did i not know about the new Jane Eyre movie until today?  i haven’t gone to a movie theater in almost two years (!)…which might partially explain why i didn’t know about the movie…but i think i’ll end that streak this weekend.

i’ve had a copy of The Well-Trained Mind – A Guide To Classical Education at Home by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer for several years and enjoy skimming through it occasionally.  recently i’ve been reading back through her blog entries and today she posted this essay she wrote a while back on the question of neutrality in education.  it’s long but good.  she’s given words to a lot of what i’ve struggled thinking through over the past couple of years in regards to christian curriculum/education.  this post is timely, too, as omar and i are trying to figure out what and how to teach the kiddos next year.

and surely this would be a susan wise bauer-approved decoration:  a poetry bookmobile.  i love this.  perhaps this is something i could make on my own…

we hit a bit of a beet wall the other week.  we were enjoying our roasted beets and beet risotto but then a beet and quinoa pancake recipe totally bombed.  some of you might laugh and think that it sounds beyond obvious that such a recipe would fail but in the recipe’s defense, it would work great as a savory blini recipe.  but the maple syrup on top?  ugh.  today design*sponge came to the rescue and posted a beetroot pesto.  we love pesto around here and the odds that this will be more successful than the pancake experiment are probably fairly high.


2 thoughts on “pianos, jane, education, beets and more!

  1. Let the music begin! Not that you didn’t have great music already going on, but a piano adds a whole other dimension. So happy for you all.

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