hey, cupcake

my birthday is tomorrow.  and up until a couple of days ago i wouldn’t have dreamed that standing in the kitchen making my own cake would be something i would want to do.  but then i found this recipe and realized standing in the kitchen making it would mean i could eat an embarrassing amount of this orange, cream cheese and butter frosting without anyone really knowing.

and that would be a big ole’ happy birthday to me.


9 thoughts on “hey, cupcake

  1. I already thought about how tomorrow is your birthday!
    March 13th is the busiest birthday I know: 7 of our friends and family share it. Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday! And remember, if you have any leftover cupcakes, throw them in a blender with some ice cream, grab a straw, and see if you can outdo Relish.

  3. Happy Birthday (a little late)! Hope you enjoyed your day and some cupcakes. Ask Sharon about the cupcakes I made for our sister-in-law’s baby shower. The dulce de leche icing was very good!

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