it’s a long state

omar and i decided to break our record for longest time without going on a roadtrip together.  we went to see friends in jacksonville this past weekend.  5 hours later we were still in florida.  this used to bother me.  i would play mental games where i would pretend i lived in, say, maryland and think of all the different states i could be in if i drove 5 hours or less.  i’ve given up those games.  now it is just fun to get out of town for a couple of nights.

our lack of road-tripping was also evidenced by that fact that our ipod had a backlog of the splendid table podcasts from last august.  this ended up being a good thing, though, as our current growing season down here produces the same veggies as the rest of the country’s summertime growing season.  our zucchini is starting to trickle in again so the podcasts gave us a few ideas to calm my anxiety about being run over with another round of squash.

on monday lenna and i visited with friends at alina’s where there were lots of little girls running around caring for baby dolls and pushing little strollers and giggling.  the mamas all stood in the kitchen and watched as alina made delicious bread and a soup that was both wonderful and would make any csa member proud as she managed to use four (right, alina?) veggies in one dish!  we joked that produce anxiety is indeed the downside of csa membership.

yesterday we trekked back south and i enjoyed the quiet driving, sleeping girl in the back, talking with omar, and after stopping at a starbucks and seeing their new logo and menus, spending too much time reading online about designers’ opinions of the new look. (my favorite comment being about how if starbucks continues their logo re-design trend, we’ll soon only have an up close and personal picture of the siren’s nose.)

we’re now back and asher informed me this morning that he’d like to go with us on our next trip and leave elisha and lenna with the grandparents.  elisha voted that we all go together and pick up a couple of cousins and aunts on the way.  i voted that perhaps omar and i should leave lenna with the boys and go away by ourselves.  i was promptly voted down on that one.


5 thoughts on “it’s a long state

  1. I noticed the redesign at Starbucks the other day and was miffed by it. It looks nice, but why can’t they just list what they sell instead of making it a guessing game? I went through the drive through, ordered three things that weren’t on the new menu, then asked for a total and the girl wouldn’t give it to me until I drove up to the window. I’m annoyed and I’m glad I got that off my chest.

  2. When we first decided to move back to Florida, I took some solace in the fact that I was moving to North Florida, only 1 hour from the Georgia border. It felt so much more northern to me than South Florida. Silly but true.

    So glad you could come visit!

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