cold fronts

another cold front moved in.  it had good timing because it feels like it’s helping to push both the heat from the past days and the sadness from the past few months away.  and in its place it’s left hope and cooler mornings.

add to that three constantly changing and growing kids and easing back into a routine has become the natural (if not the easiest) thing to do.

i turn my head and it seems like lenna has a new trick or antic.  she has a little dance routine to mumford & sonsthe cave” that i’ve almost got on video.  i have to be careful to keep the cherrios box hidden or else she shrieks with utter excitement and thinks it is indeed cherrio time.  and any and all food that gets in her path is stared at and reached for.  there is little this girl turns away.  she’ll down beet greens and chili and apples, and this all makes me think that her days as a 15 pounder are numbered.

then there are the boys.  letters are one of their big things right now and imaginary games involving swords and their stick horses (where one of them always ends up dying).  elisha’s tenderness has been coming out more and more and i can’t tell you how often i feel a little pat-pat on my arm and my almost 5 year old tell me he loves me and that i’m a great mama.  and the younger one is continuing to run and stomp and play through the days not understanding that shouting does not qualify as an indoor voice and using his nap time as some hardcore solo play time where he builds pretty amazing lego creations and train tracks that snake through the room.

6 thoughts on “cold fronts

  1. Isn’t God good to give us routines and work to fill our days to keep our hearts from being turned too inward? Not to mention the children- one of the best gifts ever for a sad and heavy heart. Praying for you as you look for His mercy and restoration in a difficult situation.

  2. The photo re-post made me cry but absolutely adorable, —and I’m sorry you have all had a bug or something. Love you–Mimi

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