365 in progress

365 | 34 i finally bought a battery for my old camera...only to discover the shutter is broken.

i want to high five myself each day that i upload another picture for this daily photo project.  but i’m prepping myself because i know the day is bound to come when i forget to snap a shot of the day.  it’s also proving to be a better photo journal than i could have imagined.  even now i’m thinking up formatting and printing layouts for a book at the end of the year.  from the outset i put no parameters on subject matter or the goals of the project.  but now i’ve realized that i would like most of the pictures to tell at least some small story of a part of our day.

365 | 45 even though they always look a bit creepy to me, they made for a wonderful valentine's day beet risotto dinner.
365 | 42 asher thinks it is hilarious to jump from the top of the bunkbed to the floor. i see emergency room visits in our future.
365 | 38 i am now proud to say i love winters down here. 70s and sunny.
365 | 37 lenna and i met up with friends for an overnight girls getaway.

One thought on “365 in progress

  1. I still struggle with the storytelling aspect of photography and tend to lean toward whatever is pretty. But even when it’s an ordinary photo, as part of a photo-a-day project, every photo has significance. I sort of miss the project, but I don’t miss the stress of running around trying to take a photo of something new at the end of the day just because I have to take a photo that day. Instead I find myself taking a ton of photos at a time, then not touching my camera for a day or two. It’s kinda nice.

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