render your bacon and other kitchen thrift

our kitchen thrift has hit a new level – we’ve started straining and saving our bacon fat.  if i’m honest, though, thrift has little to do with it.  who doesn’t want more bacon in their life?  if we think a dish could possibly be made better with a little bit of bacon flavor, in it goes. but there is also a downside to this. cooking scrambled eggs in bacon fat will lead everyone else in the house to believe that there is actually bacon to be had.  this is not usually the case, and trying to explain to the boys that it really is alright and to think of their eggs as having a bacon essence doesn’t really cut it.

you really should try it.  it’s cheap and thrifty and tasty and easy.

and if there just isn’t enough fat in your life, make some panna cotta.  it’s proven to be quite the thrifty dessert.  when i first started making it a few years ago i stuck pretty closely to this recipe but now i realize it’s the best way i know of to use up all the random dairy in your fridge (but shame on you if you try substituting anything with less fat than whole milk).  for the smallest of seconds i contemplated what bacon panna cotta would taste like but then figured that would be ridiculous and stuck with basil.

3 thoughts on “render your bacon and other kitchen thrift

  1. Love it! The bacon was scarce this morning…I had 4.5 strips and 5 people in the house today. So even prior to reading your blog I used some bacon grease for our cheesy eggs. Certainly a fattening breakfast but on a good note, Dr. Al Sears (whose PACE program Chris is on) suggests having a high protein and even high fat breakfast so that your body can feel safe enough to get rid of excess fat…WHO KNEW!

  2. I’ve been saving our bacon fat for a while…. my dad was a firm believer but I got nervous when I saw you had a link…. like OH NO, there is a RIGHT way…… phew, nothing high tech. 🙂 that’s a relief. Chris is ok with my use of the bacon fat but it grosses out the kids (we use it mostly for cornbread to be honest). I’m not officially forbidden to feed the kids my homemade yogurt, but lets say I’m strongly discouraged….. I find making your own batches of yogurt is pretty thrifty as well. Some in the family still think something is very wrong with leaving milk in the oven over night, waiting til it gets all jello-y then actually EATING it!!

    maybe i’d like eggs cooked in bacon. as much as I like the IDEA of eating eggs for breakfast, i just don’t like them . sort of like the girls like the IDEA of drinking tea, but when it comes down to it, it always goes cold in their cup and they are forced to gulp it down.

  3. Bob’s mom never cooked an egg without bacon grease and I must say everything was seasoned with this fat. She always kept a can of it on the window sill of her kitchen ready for all sorts of frying. Sounds gross, but she was absolutely the BEST southern cook ever! (and no one ever got sick)

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