9 month lenna

i’m thankful that even though she’s close to a year old, she’s still tiny.

i’m thankful her room doesn’t have the boy funk that her brothers’ room does.  so thankful.

i’m thankful those boys think she’s the most amazing thing ever.

i’m thankful for those curls popping up on the back of head.

i’m thankful for the way a baby makes it easy to talk to anyone.  kind of like a puppy.

i’m thankful for her crumb catching skills.  who needs that puppy when she’s happiest under her brothers’ chairs, waiting for crumbs to drop next to her.


5 thoughts on “9 month lenna

  1. Gosh, she looks like Asher’s twin in this photo. And I can’t believe it’s warm enough for her to be in a little romper. I would never make it in south Florida.

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