mondays are for resting

banana pancakes were made by omar.  clementines peeled by the boys.  half a banana devoured by the littlest among us.

antique/consignment stores were ducked in and out of by yours truly.  we live right off a stretch of highway called antique row. (scroll down to the bottom “shop” section to see descriptions.  they sound so promising but oh my, pricey.)  but i just can’t take it.  antiquing/thrifting stresses me out and makes me tired and hungry and cranky by the third store.  i love having new and old things in the house, but our best scores have been those we’ve stumbled upon or were simply given to us by family or friends.

coffee ice cream was bought and eaten.  my mom wanted to tell me all about the fat and calorie info she read on the carton.  that is forbidden in this home.  it ruins the fun.

succulents were bought and are now living on our mantle where i am hoping and praying the light is bright enough. i always find my way over to the succulent section of a garden center/nursery and yesterday the pretty pots finally won me over.

a date occurred thanks to a gift card and a grandmother who kindly babysat. we dined in boca raton where the happening dining hours are for the early birds, so the place was cleared out by 8:45 and it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  we talked and ate and talked some more, and on the ride home i realized that it was perhaps the perfect date.  we found that balance, without even realizing it, of talking about marriage, work, kids, randomness.  we didn’t try to solve any problems or dwell on any struggles too long.  we just enjoyed each other.


2 thoughts on “mondays are for resting

  1. Those antique shops looked really fun, but I can see how it would make your head spin a bit. And I’m glad you got a night out. Adam and I went out the other night to a wine bar. No kids there, just adults. So nice. 🙂

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