the things they say and sing

asher is often found roaming around the house singing why must i be a teenager in love? (memorized from a repeat watching of a certain muppet show episode).  he knows it makes me laugh so he sings with extra gusto when he passes by me.

omar sat asher down for a little chat (the 2nd in the course of about 5 minutes) about how wise and thoughtful men/boys should behave and speak.
omar  ::  asher, what do wise men do?
asher :: ride camels.
omar :: (suppresses urge to bust out laughing)

elisha has become a fast and dedicated fan of the decemberists new album.  i get psyched anytime gillian welch records a new song with anyone, so together we pretty much rock down by the water.

over dinner the other night there was a long discussion between the boys about brothers and sisters and girls and boys and babies.  i was pretty much a spectator until elisha asked me, “so mama, where was i when you were a little girl?”  the boy would not take “you weren’t here yet” for an answer and i did not care to go into a discussion on the reproductive system so i resorted to “distract them with cookies.”  it worked.


5 thoughts on “the things they say and sing

  1. Ride camels, huh? 😉 I guess we need to talk to our boys – and my husband! – about what wise men should do.
    I read your comment to Randy about the school in Miami, and he proceeded to inform me of the location of each Johnson and Wales and even what the students do for their pastimes. [TMI] He’s really excited about going … in six years!

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