in another world i am a librarian.  a friend of mine is a librarian and she clued me in to some of the things she does during her days.  (she also clued me in to the divide that can occur between librarians and staff at the circulation desk…i feel kind of in-the-know now.)

and hearing what she does confirms my desire that yes, i’d love to be a librarian.  sorting through and choosing books, creating reading groups and programs, literacy groups and trainings for kids and adults.

i didn’t feel this way in college.  several of my latin classes were in the basement of the library science building.  i always wondered what was discussed and learned behind the classroom doors on the other floors.  but i wasn’t that interested.  my exposure to fsu’s librarians left me cold.  those ladies were on the unhappy side.

but in seminary things changed.  i was dating omar and living in orlando. i told him about a book i checked out from the county library in tallahassee several years before.  it was the name of the rose by eco and someone had translated many of the latin phrases and made little notes in the margins.  i told him how great i thought it was that someone did that and how i wished i had bought the book from the library.  a couple months later omar handed me a certain copy of the name of the rose from a certain library in tallahassee.  it made me love omar even more and it made me love librarians who answer random calls and go on book hunts for awesome boyfriends.


8 thoughts on “librarians

  1. sweetest story ever.

    I am terrible about the library. The library always ends up costing me a lot of money. My husband is an archivist and feels a lot of companionship towards librarians because the fields are so similar. And yet…we are still terrible about using libraries correctly.

  2. So sweet! We have a well-funded library (not the case in Chattanooga), and our librarian said she buys a new children’s book every day. It’s such a fabulous place- we’re trying to replicate it here at home. 🙂 Only we don’t have the Plan House people…

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