8 months

she is still tiny but i think i’m starting to see the little girl in her.  the curls are popping up in what little hair she has.  she scrunches her nose up like a bunny and knows it makes us laugh.  she jabbers and drools and waves and says mama, bye-bye, more, and (we think) “pa” for papi.  she’s passionate about her thumb.  she loves to crawl to her brothers’ room and find the hot wheels.  she got a tooth on friday.  she finds absolutely no use for sitting and thinks when we set her down to sit, it is simply a fun position to launch herself forward into crawling mode.  she’s great.


6 thoughts on “8 months

  1. Kate, I’m enjoying even more than ever reading about Lenna and seeing her adorable pictures now that we have an eight month old foster daughter…I love this crawling phase! Now if only our girl would let me put her down to crawl now and then…

  2. she is SO beautiful! i love the outfit, too! wow! — she sure is a busy girl. i can’t believe she’s up to all of those things already. such a doll! 🙂

  3. Seriously, Lenna…I need to squeeze you! She is so so sweet, Kate! And where can I get that hoodie in a women’s size medium?

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