photography resolutions

take more pictures.  of funny things.  of kids.  of friends.  of omar.  of myself and omar.  of our town.  of everyone and everything.

read a couple more photography books and actually work at applying purposefully what i am learning.  like lindsay.

so to help myself along in this area of my life, i decided to take a picture everyday this year and post it (mostly on my flickr site but some will surely pop up here).  i’m guilty of not taking my camera with me enough when i leave the house  so hopefully this will give me a little push to do it more often.

i love to think that by the end of the year my pictures will be less heavy on the food and kids and house and that i’ll have discovered untapped exciting areas/places of my life that i never knew were there.  but just typing that makes me laugh.  and that’s ok.  kids and food and homes are wonderful, too.


One thought on “photography resolutions

  1. And film. You forgot to mention your impending foray into film. If necessary, I will buy you that camera battery (and a roll of film!).

    Side note: I think something’s wrong with my digital camera. I took it to the shop today, but it wouldn’t act up like it had been at home. Fingers crossed that it’s nothing.

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