culinary resolutions

cook and bake with more whole grains.  it’s january 3 and i’ve already baked with buckwheat and whole wheat flour but i think crossing this off already would be a bit premature.  Good to the Grain: Baking With Whole Grain Flours will hopefully provide more winners like today’s buckwheat pear pancakes.

shun the canned beans and make my own.  i’ve built up a myth in my head that dried beans are hard to get exactly right.  i’m now ok with mostly right.  and my paranoia about all things BPA outweighs my paranoia about hard beans.

grill more and eat outside more during these amazing winter days.

try one new cheese per month.  january’s cheese was aged gouda.

my daughter spends many of our meals under the table.  she’s like the puppy who scrambles for dropped crumbs.  lenna loves food but most days it’s just easier to nurse her and only once a day scrounge around the fridge or my plate for something she can gum.  my goal is to be a bit more intentional about what i feed her at the table.  or at least what i drop under it.

include the boys more in cooking and baking.  having the boys knead and form their own little bread loaves the other day was a huge and not-too-messy success.


2 thoughts on “culinary resolutions

  1. oh my goodness, I share the paranoia about BPA. feeling a bit DUMB right now after reading that article and never even CONSIDERING my daily Coke can suspect. and I have the same feelings about beans. pls share when you have success. 🙂

  2. the bpa in cans has caused more consternation for me than anything else, and I’m with you on the paranoia. my biggest problem is in canned tomatoes… I had big plans to grow/harvest/can tomatoes this year, as we use canned tomatoes like they’re going out of style, but then my stupid broken arms and a very unusually wet/chilly NW summer intervened. the only canned tomatoes (and other foods for that matter) that don’t have that pesky white can lining are by S&W, i.e. not organic. all the organic varieties have bpa in their cans. boooooo hissssss.

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