i spy something missing

i heard a crack this morning.  and then a big sigh from omar.  he told me he knew what my stocking stuffer was going to be now.

the tally is now three french presses in 18 months.  at least now we know that you can just buy the insert.  in fact there was a little part of me that was excited that now i know this.  like i’m not going to be duped this time.

we’re just doing our part to keep bodum in business.

poor omar.


5 thoughts on “i spy something missing

  1. honestly, i think poor omar just has bad luck. today it didn’t even hit the sink. he just picked it up out of the dish drainer and a piece cracked off. he must be unaware of his amazing strength.

  2. You with the French presses is like us with the wine glasses and mugs. So many have broken this year. Surprisingly, though, we’ve had our French press for about five years and never have had a problem.

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