round two

when we bought our tree a couple of weeks ago, i think the boys slipped the tree guy a $20 and told him to give us a bad tree.  they knew that if they did that then omar and i would be forced to buy another tree and give them yet another tree to decorate this year.

for a few days i pretended that the light in our living room is just really bad and that no, the tree wasn’t really turning brown.  but it is brown.  and droopy.  and has not even drunk up 1 inch of water.  and there is no way it’s making it through christmas, let alone epiphany (we’re “leave the decorations up until epiphany” people).

tree two is waiting in the wings still wrapped in its netting and trying to prove to us that it is a good little tree that can drink like a good tree should.

and the boys think this is all just awesome.


4 thoughts on “round two

  1. No fun. Our tree is droopy this year, too. It drinks all right, but it still droops. I hate to admit it, but this is the first year that I see the merits of a perky,pre-lit, faux tree.

  2. i guess i’ll have to hand it to our lame-o snoopy tree…. it’s still drinking. that sinking feeling i’d get every time i’d enter the front room and behold the WALL through the tree (not supposed to happen in my book), and of course when I didn’t have to walk around the tree to hang lights… my arms could easily go around (or through) it to do the job….. that feeling would PALE in comparison to the thought of having to go through the whole getting a tree and decorating it process again. i’m very sorry.

    not to be a pill, but do you cut off some of the trunk when you get home right before you put it in the water????

    it’s looking good for friday night by the way.


  3. Must be an epidemic! My parents had to do the same thing and the kids loved getting to decorate twice. Parents were annoyed.

    We have never watered our tree and it is not drinking (it’s a baptist tree), and it’s dry and prickly (worse than normal) but it has helped the kids stay away from the ornaments (tis the season?). Frustrating- maybe there was some sort of Christmas Tree Blight that they all got…

  4. Well, isn’t that the pits! Too bad there isn’t a trade-in policy on trees. Oh, yours died before Christmas? Bring it back and we’ll give you another one. Like they do at LL Bean. 😉

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