dear clementine

if i have another daughter i think i’ll name her clementine.  i think i love them, in part, because of the cute name.  we should have a standing order for them at the store considering how fast we go through them.

seed candles “winter spice” is how i want my entire house to smell this season.  they’re strong little candles, too.  a good thing when you forget to take out the trash after dumping a batch of pesto made with rancid pine nuts (only discovered after eating it…blech).

since the boys are in love with all things christmas right now, i thought i could con them into watching white christmas by just mentioning the title of it to them, putting a strong and loud emphasis on the word “christmas” when i talked about it.  it worked.  and get this – they loved it.  like sat through the whole movie loved it.  the next morning i found them sitting on the couch with the dvd case pointing to betty and saying she wasn’t a nice lady.  ha!  i tried to tell them that she just didn’t have the full story.

the christmas shopping for omar and the kiddos is complete.  omar and i are trying to keep our gifts to each other to a minimum over the next couple of years in order to build up the trip fund, so this year we gifted each other a knife.  i can now tell you about the wonders of a santoku.  the boys have already stumbled upon their gifts (because i did a lame job at hiding them in the back of the van…) but haven’t put two-and-two together yet.  lenna is getting a book, and while that made me feel a bit guilty at first, i’m ok with it now.  she’s more interested in cords and crumbs on the floor right now than any toy we toss her way.


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