butter ::

it should be illegal to go through 9+ sticks of butter for one meal.  granted, the meal was for a party of 15 with leftovers, but it was still an insane amount of butter.  butter in the spinach.  butter in the cake and pie.  butter in the gravy.  butter, butter, butter.

blurb book ::

consider this part a public service announcement for those who blog.  i have a friend who lost her entire blog one day.  poof.  gone.  my blog is my journal.  i would be beyond sad if i lost it.  so i decided to print a blurb book.  this is from the first year i blogged and i hope to catch up and print a book for each year.  the software has gotten so much better since i started it and now it is quite a quick process.

baby ::

baby lenna is 7 months old today and is happiest crawling under tables and darting towards her brothers’ toys.  but she’s yet to discover the christmas tree.  i give her a day or two more before i bet the decorations battle begins.


12 thoughts on “b

  1. So, does this mean you’re eating dairy again? I’d hate it if you didn’t get to enjoy that buttery goodness. Also, at first when I saw the photo of Lenna, I thought she was under a shopping cart. Where is my mind?

  2. But we wouldn’t have Coq au Vin without butter! And I’m making Julia’s “Soupe a L’Oignon” (onion soup) as we speak (or as I write). I’m quite sure it wouldn’t be half as good without the butter. 🙂 Please don’t ever make it illegal. And I love your blog book idea!!!

  3. lindsay – oh yes. butter for just over a month now. loving it. and it does look like she could be under a cart at first glance. and i wouldn’t put it past her or myself.

    sharon – i think omar and i should be your official taste testers. i’ll show you the book when you’re over. i was impressed with how well it turned out. and the price wasn’t bad, either.

    christine – ha! funniest comment ever. it’s because all the crumbs are either in her little hands, in her mouth, or on her belly from her army-style crawl. asher crawled the same way and i always said i should just sew dust rags to the belly of all his clothes.

  4. I have begun working on a blurb book, too…. same reason. Nice to see that it looks pretty. Are you happy with the quality? Looks great “from here”.

    1. i am really happy with the quality. i got the hardback book without the dust jacket, and they had a deal on upgrading to a higher quality paper that i’m happy i went with. after looking at all the amazing covers people made on the blurb site, i’m a little disappointed i didn’t take a bit more time on my cover (just title and a single picture) but oh well, i was so tired of doing it by the time it came to designing a cover that i just went with simple. it still looks great, though!

  5. kate,

    ever used any other publishing sites? can you compare blurb? i own a few art books that were created on blurb and LOVE them, but wondered how they would compare with other sites.

  6. i made a torte for our christmas party and it used 7.5 sticks of butter. yup… just for the dessert…..cover recipes from this month’s bon appetit. yummy goodiness, but then again how can you really go wrong with almost two pounds of butter.

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