early advent days

it’s day three of advent but if you were to gauge the level of excitement of two little boys in this house you’d think every hour was christmas morning.  my word they’re excited.  omar and i wonder if the boys think it’s all just going to come to an end and they’ll miss something.  after we found elisha with pockets stuffed full of ornaments (for fear he wouldn’t get to put up enough), he suggested that once we were done we could take all the ornaments off and decorate again.  and  asher believes that the only way to fully enjoy christmas music on the stereo is to have it at full blast.

and while the whole process of getting the tree and decorating it almost put omar and me over the edge (how to deal with all! the! little boy! excitement!), it’s great to be able to interact with them about what advent is and why we celebrate christmas.  i’ve written before about how it can be a challenge for me to find natural ways to talk about my faith and christ with the boys in the midst of the everday-ness of life.  advent is wonderful for me on this front.  all around us are decorations and celebrations and music that prompt easy conversations about christ and church and our faith.

the advent garland is also up, and i’m starting to jot some ideas down for advent activities this year.  as i was stringing up the garland this year i was looking back over what our activities were last year.  wow.  if there was a “lame advent award” it would have been mine, hands down.  not all the activities were that bad (cocoa was drunk, cookies decorated), and i do have to remember that i was pregnant.  but some of them came close to the creativity of “eat lunch.”  i’ll try and do better this year.


4 thoughts on “early advent days

  1. Ah, yes. The advent garland. I love it, and I vowed last year that we’d do it this year. Maybe our first activity tomorrow will be to buy one?! 🙂 Also, do you guys use any books (other than the Bible) to explain advent to the kids? Other than lighting the purple, pink, and white candles every Sunday in church in the month of December, I’m not sure I even know what all the symbols are and stand for.

  2. You made me laugh…I’m looking at our December calendar and wondering if our church fellowship group (which meets every other week ALL YEAR) can count as an Advent activity on our calendar! So funny. P.S. Love the pumpkin hat.

  3. alina – we follow an advent devotional guide each night (or try to!) with the family. a song, reading, and prayer. i can email it to you if you like! and you should totally make one of the garlands. find some cool paper and cut out the circles and find some kitchen twine and there you go. and like i said in last year’s post, a great excuse to buy those cute mini clothespins.

    peaceliving – yeah, i actually put “eat dinner at church” for one of the days. the dinner that we eat almost every wednesday night at church. ha! but i’m amazed at how if i talk something up enough and get them all pumped (even if they do it all the time), they’ll still get all excited about it 😉

    kathy – when i get the list made, i’ll send it your way 😉

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