where have all the cucumbers gone?

i would really love to spend a whole post talking about creamed spinach.  talking about how i just had to keep making it again and again to perfect my recipe.  but our huge bag of spinach did what spinach does best – shrink.  omar and i got only a small portion each but it was good enough to spend at least a paragraph talking about it, and we’re hoping there will be more spinach in our csa future.

the baba ghanoush is still a staple in our home.  we make it so we can hear asher say “baba ghanoush” and spend too much time trying to get him to say it over and over again.  of course it was with the last of the eggplant (i think of the season) that we discover our favorite eggplant is simply sliced and grilled.  then again saying “sliced and grilled” is nowhere near as amusing to hear as “baba ghanoush” from the mouth of a three year old.

the cucumber numbers have dwindled (thank heavens) but the zucchini?  we’re swimming in them.  a girl can only eat so many zucchini muffins so i’m up for any zucchini-eating suggestions.

this beef and bok choy hot pot recipe found it’s way into our kitchen years ago.  we forgot about it until the bok choy showed up last week and now remember why we love it so much.

if i can get at least two csa veggies in each dinner then i feel like i’ve accomplished something.  and if i manage to make a whole meal without a csa item a little guilt creeps in.  so the kielbasa with creamy apple compote (called “hot dogs and apples” to get the boys to not turn up their noses) earned itself some sage and a side salad.


3 thoughts on “where have all the cucumbers gone?

  1. I LOVE cucumbers and they are always welcome here. Our neighbor showed up with the overflow from his garden and we gobbled them up right away.
    We will have to try sliced and grilled eggplant. It almost sounds too easy, which may be why we didn’t think of it. 🙂

  2. We enjoy thin, diagonally sliced zuchini, carrots and summer sqush sauteed in olive oil with salt and garlic powder until crisp-tender. This dish alone could be my dinner. =)

  3. A family favorite of ours is zucchini frittata. There is also zucchini crust pizza. We haven’t made this in a long while, but even our kids liked it. We also use them in spaghetti sauce. Actually, you could probably come with several ways to incorporate them into a pasta dish.

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