to pennsylvania

we flew up to pennsylvania last week for a wedding.  omar was honored to perform the wedding of a dear friend, and i was honored that the trees decided to keep some orange and red leaves on their branches.  the days were breezy and in the 40s.  we slept in a farmhouse built in the 1800s and ate and talked and laughed in the coziest of kitchens.  we ate our way through the lancaster farmer’s market.  i teared up at the sweetest of weddings and square danced in a barn.  and we all had just about a perfect time.


8 thoughts on “to pennsylvania

  1. sounds fun! i have periodically daydreamed about hosting an outdoor wedding at our house, using our barn and putting up a big white tent in the back field. square dancing might now become a part of the daydream.

  2. Katie!! So glad you guys had a great time. Makes me miss home. I recognized market right away. We live just a few miles from there. I am going home in December and I’m so excited. Talk with you soon. Oh and Lenna is too cute with her hats. I need some for Olive.

    1. we really like the beco. omar likes the backpack style and i like that i can have her on my back when out and about with the boys at the park or beach. we give it high marks!

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