sad and happy


more cucumbers in the csa box

your 3 yr computer warranty runs out on the 28th and your “z” key stops working on the 30th

strep throat and a 103 temp descend upon you

somehow misinforming yourself that once you take the first dose of antibiotics that you’ll feel dramatically better.  i know someone told me that at some point.


your 5 month old can now wear the beloved gnome pjs, making the sick mama and tired papi smile.

i have strep and the kiddos don’t.  i don’t quite get how the kids that touch everything, put hands in their mouths, and even put their head into the toilet on occasion don’t get nasty sicknesses but i’m grateful that it’s me and not them.

that grandma and grandpa live up the street giving us extra quiet time and rest.

toe kisses.  in an effort to let kiddos kiss me but not let them get this crud, they like to kiss my toes.

knowing that this time next week we’ll be in lancaster, pennsylvania for a wedding where the temps are supposed to be in the 50s.


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