swim in it

the butternuts met their fate last night in ina garten’s butternut squash and apple soup.  curry filled the house.  it’s a strong smell i love, especially the next day when you’re out and about for awhile and then come home to a house full of mellow curriness.

more eggplants were also whirred up into more baba ghanoush this week.  omar decided to join in on “project puree” and made a cucumber yogurt soup from artisan bread in five minutes a day to go along with some naan he made.

we’re in the veggie groove now.  we can blanch and freeze corn (their trick of slicing the corn off while standing a cob in the hole of a bundt pan to catch the kernels is pure genius).  make and freeze zucchini muffins.  eat a side salad with practically everything.

and when we can’t take any more vegetable-only meals we make coq au vin.  my friend sharon told me of her coq au vin endeavor and i finally decided to give it a go when omar got it at a restaurant and i kept eating his meal instead of mine.  sharon is my hero and made the full-on julia child recipe.  she even blanched those little onions and peeled them (!).  i opted for the frozen.  and i opted for america’s test kitchen “new best recipeversion of coq au vin.  you would think it is just a simple chicken cooked in wine dish that you can throw into a pot and walk away from.  not so much.  a bit time intensive but my. word.  it’s good.  like jump in the pot and swim with it good.

3 thoughts on “swim in it

  1. well well. nice work with the butternut soup. i started makin’ my yesterday but didn’t have any onions. then realized i didn’t have any curry, either. so i added some masala spices, thinking i could make it all good and tasty. it was gross. like a pumpkin pie, tandori style.

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