to market, to market

envy welled up within me as i dropped my parents off at the airport for a trip to see my brother and family in nyc.  omar and i had big plans to make a nyc fall trip a yearly tradition but we’re making our way to pennsylvania in a couple of weeks for a wedding so lancaster will just have to do this year.

my dad is a documenter and does a great job of sending us photos and quick emails throughout his trips letting us know what places he’s seeing and what things he’s eating.  on his menu friday:  pumpkin soup, a barbecued duck sandwich, and a hennepin beer.  in front of a fire.  sigh.

so maybe we don’t have fires and pumpkin soup weather.  but at least it is the farmer’s market season down here.  we don’t really go for the veggies.  (i’m always a bit perplexed when a farmer’s market sells non-local produce.  i can buy that chiquita banana at the grocery store for quite a bit less, thank you.)  we go for the pastries and empanadas (a south florida farmer’s market staple) and cider doughnuts and smoothies and boat watching.

we succeeded on all fronts yesterday minus the smoothies.  by the time we found coffee (an elusive market commodity evidently) and ate pumpkin scones, doughnuts, croissants, and the spiciest empanadas known to man, we moved on to the boat watching.  and tried to explain to a 4 year old that we can’t just hop onto the million dollar yachts and go for a ride.

3 thoughts on “to market, to market

  1. It’s so funny, Kate. I’ve told Matt a number of times recently that I would love to take a yearly trip to NYC, preferably in autumn. We should time our trips at the same time one year. (And hopefully our brothers won’t up and move anytime soon, leaving us without lodging and/or local recommendations!)

  2. No doubt you’ll enjoy your upcoming trip to Amish country. I’m envious. I’m also envious of your cider doughnuts. Every week I get a cup of coffee and a scone from the bread lady, but it’s nothing festive or autumnal. This week I had to whisk Lily away from the fountains, too, since two moms let their little boys strip down to their under-roos and splash around. Not cool.

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