in the night hours

i hear creatures running around on the roof, down the walls, across the gutters.  i pretend they’re squirrels out for a nightly romp.  i don’t really think they’re squirrels.

i have the recurring dream (or is it nightmare?) that i am informed my high school diploma is not valid and i must return to finish it.

a little boy shuffles in the hallway somewhere between midnight and morning.  he says he sees a bug.

a migraine creeps in and holds on till the next evening.  i don’t sleep and in the precious few moments of mental clarity i make a comparison of the pains of labor versus the pains of migraines.

a girl stirs at 5 and stares at her papi until his eyes slowly open.  she then squeals and pants and declares it playtime.

5 thoughts on “in the night hours

  1. oh, Katie. we saw what was running our back porch and stealing bird feed. not squirrels for sure. yuck!!
    (then we smelled them after they apparently took the poison. double yuck!!)

  2. I have, for years, had a reoccurring nightmare that I signed up for a science class and have consistently forgotten to go to it all semester. In my dream I wrestle with either studying for the big final exam that I haven’t ever opened the book for or dropping the class and having to stay in college an extra semester just to finish that class. I’m ALWAYS glad to wake up on those nights!

    P.S. If it makes you feel any better, I never heard any scurrying. 🙂

    1. my gut reaction is to say migraines, hands down. i think the constant insane pain that does not let up for hours put migraines over labor. i can still be somewhat sweet and chatty when in labor. migraines? you best go away.

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