i’m kitchened out.  i like to cook and bake, but i like it in moderation.  but all. those. veggies.  i have nightmares right now that we simply bring home the vegetables for a slow, cold death in our fridge.

so in the past couple of days i’ve flown through the crisper.  baba ghanoush and butternut squash risotto?  check.  pesto, bread to spread pesto on, zucchini and summer squash muffins (wonderful, by the way), steamed fresh corn, salad with every meal?  5 checks.

i’m totally getting the fries and chicken fingers at ikea tomorrow.  kind of like a detox from healthy food.


3 thoughts on “frenzy

  1. The fact that they have french fries and chicken fingers at Ikea astounds me. Of course, I’ve never been there, so what do I know? I’ve also never been part of a CSA, so any produce anxiety I’ve ever had has been self-inflicted. But I’ve had it, definitely.

    PS. I just remembered that you need to send me that pork recipe! I want to make it for Adam (or ask him to make it for me ;)).

  2. Totally feeling that produce anxiety! I have a fridge full of basil, several kinds of cabbages, and we’re eating green beans and salad almost every night! I’m thinking maybe a huge batch of egg roll filling to freeze. What a problem to have, though…

  3. We’re almost at the end of our CSA season. I have the pureed butternut squash in the freezer awaiting the annual apple/butternut squash soup on Thanksgiving Eve, as well as several roasted peppers frozen until need of them arises. We indeed had our fill of green beans and various cucumbers and squash, but our current dillemma is about apples. Since we got a fruit share, we have consumed tons of cherries, appricots, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, and apples, but we can’t seem to stay ahead of the apples: there are always more. I agree with brite, “What a problem to have, though…”

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