the one where i become known for my baba ghanoush

4 eggplant stared me down the other day.  and many, many cucumbers.  and butternut squash.  and corn, basil, arugula, and on and on.

it takes us a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of being part of a csa and to not just be simply overwhelmed by all the veggie-ness.  we’re on week 2 of our farm share with Green Cay Produce and as of now we’re loving it.  i was a bit nervous that we were spoiled by our great csa in miami and that all other csa’s would only give us boxes full of kale and radishes.  silly me.

we made butternut squash and sage risotto last night.  it would have been even better with the parmesan added but i’ve lured my family into my non-dairy eating when it comes to family meals.

zucchini muffins are waiting to be made.  i’m really not sure what else to do with them when butter and milk are off limits.

but back to that eggplant.  what do you do with a bunch of eggplant that is on the verge of getting soft?  make the world’s best baba ghanoush (from deborah madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone).  omar loved it.  elisha loved it.  asher managed to eat some without too much drama.  i loved it so much that upon eating my first bite i picked up the phone and called a friend to reminisce with him about that time years ago when we ate baba ghanoush at a restaurant.  i told him my baba ghanoush kicked that baba ghanoush’s tail.


2 thoughts on “the one where i become known for my baba ghanoush

  1. has a recipe for eggplant soup if you have extra. I am in LOVE with roasted eggplant. Ben begs me to slice some and put them on the grill. Your recipe wonderful!

  2. Have you tried zucchini frittata? You could skip the cheese topping entirely or just put it on half. It is a family favorite in our house.

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