pink wish

on saturday asher turned three.  he didn’t skip a beat the first time we asked him how old he was that day.  his dream for a pink cake and pink truck was only partially met.  he got a blue truck and the pink cake is coming next weekend.  but at least he got pink balloons and pink candles.

happy 3, asher.


6 thoughts on “pink wish

  1. I love it! My three year old (boy) is enamored with all things Princess. I think it’s a good sign of future-balanced-masculinity. Bring on the PINK!

    1. yeah, the boys always want the princess stickers at the doctor’s office. i think it’s such a novelty to them because there is nothing like it around the house…yet. elisha declares his next birthday will be full of purple 😉

  2. he told me every detail—and seemed to suddenly have 3 year old skills and attitudes..tell him miss carol hopes he has fun all week with his truck.

  3. so cute! i can’t believe he’s 3 already! man, how time flies. we definitely need to get together soon. our love to the birthday boy!

  4. could be the novelty factor. or… he’s gay! (not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 also: cindy and i intuited that our nephew (her side) was gay from the time he was 2. he finally came out last summer at 15. either way: happy birthday, asher! as the staple singers said, be what you are…

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