down here we emerge from confined spaces in the fall.  i like to think it is perhaps how many from the north feel about spring.  up there the biting cold eases up and you can step outside for longer than a dash to the car.  down here fall means the oppressive heat eases up and you can wander around outside without desperately longing for a pool or a full body fan.

omar and i took lenna to a french bakery and sat outside (!) yesterday and i wondered for a second why we didn’t go there more often.  then i realized that it was because the metal chair i was sitting would have branded me for life had i been sitting in it a few short weeks ago under the blazing sun.

so the bakery has made its way to the top of our “to go to often” list for the next couple of seasons.  also at the top is the west palm green market.  and the park where i know that the bench under the banyan tree is shady til noon.  and the zoo.  and the morikami japanese gardens.


9 thoughts on “emerging

  1. Whenever you write about the heat and the weather, I am always profoundly struck by how different our climates are…I can not imagine heat. I actually have forgotten what its like to be sweltering. It wasn’t that long ago that I lived in a similar climate (India), but the intermediate years in Scotland have left me thoroughly damp!

    1. i think about that when i write about the heat. i figure some must read this and not have a category for it. but i have no category for cold anymore. we lived on an alaskan island years ago and i think its climate was similar to yours. i do remember being damp a lot.

      i stumbled upon “monarch of the glen” on pbs when i was pregnant with elisha and always extremely hot. i loved watching it primarily because everything was so green and everyone wore sweaters all the time.

  2. The green market looks awesome. Our farmers market reopened today, but there was barely any produce. We ended up with eggs, bread, goat cheese, flowers, and a balloon, so it wasn’t all bad. 😉

  3. This is really the first year that Karis is old enough to carry on a conversation about the seasons. I’ve been at a loss for words on how to explain fall to her. I started with the leaves change and fall off the tree…but we both know how that is probably NOT going to happen very much around here. I’m looking into other, more subtle changes that I can share with her…i.e. breezier temps, certain flowers that bloom, fewer mosquitos… I want her picture of fall to be realistic and yet still celebrate what is fun about it in this warm climate.

  4. lindsay – the market is fun. it’s hit or miss each week whether or not there are local farmers but the cheese and bread and flower stands are fun. and the cider doughnut guy. we love him.

    alina – i understand what you mean. asher and i have a “who’s on first” routine going on right now. i start in on explaining “fall” and he starts fussing and saying, “i hate to fall. i don’t want to fall and get hurt.” and then i try to re-explain and then he re-freaks out and it’s a vicious cycle. i’ve decided to use the word “autumn” instead and, like you, focus on breezy temps.

  5. Ray and I got a chance to go to France when we were first married (Ray’s dad had a business trip and he invited us to tag along). I remember these jelly jars! We have a picture of me on the train (we were taking from London to Paris) holding one of these little jars up with a silly giggle like I had never seen anything so cute (well that was before my kids were born). Sounds like a perfect little bakery. Delightful post as always 🙂

  6. Hi Kate; you don’t know me from Adam, but I’m your Aunt Jean’s sister-in-law. I stumbled upon your blog when visiting Elizabeth’s. I really enjoy reading (and seeing) of your life in Southern Fla. Completely different than the one here in Wyoming! So! All of THAT just to comment on emerging: You all are emerging. Here, we are getting ready to hibernate! 🙂 God never ceases to amaze me with His variety of nature/climates he has blessed us with. Of course, I try to remind myself of the “blessed” part when it’s below zero here!

  7. We are definitely kindred spirits in the weather department! Yea Florida Fall! I hear the WPB Green Market is moving down along the new waterfront with more vendors. Looking forward to spending many a Saturday morning there. We should meet up!

  8. julie – they really are cute! i saw a blog post recently about “cute things from france” and these were on it. i didn’t think i’d find them locally but then lo and behold. and it’s good jam, too.

    amy – so glad you commented! i didn’t know bruce had a sister in wyoming! i imagine it couldn’t be more different. i’d love to be able to experience true seasons like you do. though i must say after living down here for so long, i can barely handle temps in the 50s 😉

    sharon – yes! i still love to think about how cold it was for down here that night we went out with your sister. i’m excited to see what other vendors they’ll have. it’s fun just to browse and eat. we’ll be there this saturday. i’ll call you.

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