florida fall

fall is here.  in full south florida 80 degree force.

i can hang laundry out to dry without fearing it will be wetter than when it came out of the wash or smellier than when it went in.

fall means veggies are here.  the first csa pick-up was a success and fresh corn was eaten that night.

my caffeine consumption has skyrocketed.  fall and winter nap times usually mean doors open and coffee in hand.

i think i mentioned sometime last year that i think i’m a better mama, friend, wife, what-have-you when it’s cooler (completely relative here) and breezy out.  i can turn down a summertime outside dinner or playtime at the park offer so fast you’ll think i’m brushing you off.  i’m not.  i’m just not a fan of the sweltering get together.  but i’ll be all yours come each october.

i sat with a friend in the hospital yesterday and actually wished that i could take her outside.  the waving palms outside her window weren’t blowing with muggy wind but with cool and salty air.


2 thoughts on “florida fall

  1. Sunday our lesson is on God’s promise to never flood the earth again even though people continued to sin against Him. the outcome of that is that there will always be a fall, summer,,,,night/day because He will take care of the earth. You could talk about the seasons, esp. fall, with the boys. I love the wind in the palms. curtains swaying, and high tides. So different than AZ.

  2. Kate, Somehow your hubby ended up on my face book. I searched a bit and yes, that was him. Then this morning Jennifer Reid popped up with a facebook request. You were on her friends. But that pic ….? I just couldn’t tell. So, I went to your blog and loved the pics, writings, and two kids!

    I’m enjoying your blog alot. I hav’nt written on my blog for months. But I will today. I was trying to write a book and it just wasn’t happening. So I stopped a couple weeks ago and now I’m writing in ways I’m loving. I am a free lance writer now but am also working on my book, When A Mother, collection of essays and poems on motherhood.

    HAD to comment on this post because I AM a better person with temps below 78 to about 48. I was married and lived in CA for 16 years and loved and took for granted its perfect beautiful weather (forgive me CA winds). We went everywhere with the children. Beach, mountains, botanical gardens, travelled all over on weekends and holidays.

    In Florida, the first summer, I’d look outside at our beautiful lake, pool, green grass and all the trees dancing with wind and think, ahh, how wonderful. I’d step outside and be blasted by the hot wind and my heart would sink and my soul withered.

    So, I totally get you. But, as you said, October is here,,,,though now it is Nov and we are having a few wonderful days. THE best time here in Oviedo is Jan, Feb, March. Of course, that is when they recruited us to come to Florida.

    Where are you in south Fl? Still pastoring down there? Here is one poem I’m sharing with you. I wrote it after a home group day of lounging around on a Memorial Day.

    Rainstorm Reunion
    Cathryn flowers Ritchie

    Mid afternoon rainstorm plopped onto our house splashing roof, pool
    lake, laughing as it tossed it back. Though expecting thunder after flashing light,
    the surprise raised memories of turning the jack in the box
    till it jumped at me and me at it. The kids laughed, making fun of my fright-filled scream.

    I loved having kids around, like the days of raising mine.

    Good feelings of family: burgers sizzled, baked beans stewed, waiting for the feast.
    After wards the porch was populated by lazy souls
    full of burgers, soothed by ice cream.

    Saying fair well, saying hello. Missing those who were one with us and now gone.
    Babies conceived, some born, wedding dates set, children married,
    children graduating and, as always living in the ‘not yet’; and ‘rejoicing with’, ‘weeping with’.

    Memories of our moments and years warm my heart
    and yet, sometimes make me cry. So thankful

    More mid-afternoon storming: dashing, thrashing rumbling to calm
    pretending it was gone. Then more
    thunders striking, whisking rain into a frenzy.

    And then calm, real calm, as if God had exhausted himself, leaving
    wetness, quiet, tranquility.

    Mellow golden haze, slowly followed the clouds to heaven.
    Black, brown, white, gray, and gold and more gold.
    Landscape turned into a translucent, brilliant shimmering green, emerald and amber,
    as if someone had taken a fluorescent green marker
    and yellow highlighter and played with the afternoon.
    And all glistened until the sunset stole the gold and the friends
    into the darkening night.

    You can google my whole name and see much more of the poetry.
    Good to say Hi. I will look forward to your posts and hearing more about your family. You can see a bunch about them on my blog.

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